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West Branch Woodworks

Personalized Cutting Boards - Bulk Order of 10

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Each unique board always starts from a 2 inch (eight quarter) slab of premium hardwood (Maple and Walnut) that I hand pick from a 3rd generation local lumber yard.

I really like how the Maple and Walnut look together on the cutting boards. To be honest, the pictures don't do it justice but I know once you see it, you will love it as well.

*Please remember, every board I build is custom and unique to itself and there can be slight variations from the pictures.


It's on us!


Approximate Dimensions. Each board I make can very slightly, but here is a good estimate of what your board will look and feel like.

1" to 1.25" - Thick

11" to 13" - Width

15" to 17" - Length

Care Instructions

There is so much here to say about how to care for your new and beautiful cutting board.

1 - NEVER put it in the Dishwasher. Never is capitalized for a reason. It only takes about 3 minutes to handwash. See number 2 below.

2 - Wash it with some warm Soapy Water after you use it. Make sure it is a mild non-abrasive dish soap. We like Dawn dish soap or even the good old Target Ultra dish soap.

3 - Dry it really well with your favorite soft kitchen towel.

4 - Use it :) and let your partner or kids help you with prepping for dinner. It will be so much more fun!

5 - When it starts to get a little dry looking or needs a pick me up, use some of our home made special finish to rejuvenate it.

Want to make a customer, client, or business partner feel appreciated? 

Give them a gift they will use for YEARS and be reminded of you every time they use it!

How does it work?

  1. You place the order.
  2. You just drop us a note and tell us when and to who you want the cutting board shipped. 
  3. Tell us the name to put on the front and we will also put your information on the back.
  4. We personalize the cutting board and ship it directly to that special recipient.
  5. And that is it, you are done.  It's that simple!

Why is it so great?

  1. Saves you a ton of time!
  2. No need to think about what to buy!
  3. No need to keep a bunch of boxes in your office!
  4. We store all the inventory!
  5. We ship the board when you want us to!
  6. FREE SHIPPING with every board order!
  7. It's a write-off for your business!
    • Free Shipping - Except on Friday

      Just kidding! The shipping is on us, as long as it is staying in the USA. International Order??? Never had one before. Maybe you can be the first and we can figure it out!

    • Hassle-Free Exchanges - We want to make it right!

      If you aren't happy, we aren't happy. Just contact us and we will make it right!